pSemi - PE43614

UltraCMOS® RF Digital Step Attenuator
pSemi PE43614 UltraCMOS® RF Digital Step Attenuator

pSemi PE43614 UltraCMOS® RF Digital Step Attenuator

The PE43614 is a 50Ω, HaRP™ technology-enhanced, 6-bit RF digital step attenuator (DSA) that supports a wide frequency range from 9 kHz to 45 GHz. The PE43614 features glitch-safe attenuation state transitions, supports 1.8V control voltage and optional VSS_EXT bypass mode to improve spurious performance, making this device ideal for test and measurement, point-to-point communication systems, and very small aperture terminals (VSAT).

The PE43614 provides an integrated digital control interface that supports both serial addressable and parallel programming of the attenuation. The PE43614 covers a 31.5 dB attenuation range in 0.5 dB and 1 dB steps. It is capable of maintaining 0.5 dB and 1 dB monotonicity through 45 GHz. In addition, no external blocking capacitors are required if 0 VDC is present on the RF ports.

  • Wideband support from 9 kHz to 45 GHz
  • Glitch-safe attenuation state transitions
  • Flexible attenuation steps of 0.5 dB and 1 dB up to 31.5 dB
  • +105 °C operating temperature
  • Parallel and serial programming interfaces with serial addressability
  • High HBM ESD of 1 kV
  • Package—24-lead 4 x 4 mm LGA

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