RadioCarbon - RF Front Ends

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RadioCarbon RF Front Ends

RadioCarbon RF Front Ends

The game-changing RF front ends are the real heroes of the RadioCarbon kit, with PAs based on MACOMS’s innovative GaN on SiC technology.

  • Includes Hardware and Software
    • Standalone software/GUI or ADRV9002 SoM
  • Includes Accessories
  • DC Power Generation and PA Bias
  • Versatile – Connects to BytePipe™ SoM or any
  • ADI Transceiver with DPD
  • Small Footprint (4.75” x 8.00”)
  • Can be Modified for Alternative Bands
  • BOM, Schematic, and Layout Available
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RF Front End board/kit, 4.4-5.0 GHz
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RF Front End board/kit, 1.3-2.7 GHz
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Key Features

  • Single channel transmitter and receiver signal paths
  • Feature-rich GUI simplifies hardware configuration
  • Supports pulsed power and CW modes
  • Supports linear and saturated RF PA operation
  • Psat of 44.5 dBm at the antenna port
  • Software-controlled PA bias with sequencing
  • Forward RF power detection
  • 2-stage LNA with bypass
  • 2.4 dB maximum system noise figure
  • SoM provides digital pre-distortion linearization
  • Single power supply input voltage
  • Interfaces with other integrated transceivers with DPD

Additional Resources

Achieve First-Pass Design Success

RadioCarbon is powered by MACOM innovation. Learn about MACOM’s design tools, including software, simulations, and hardware-based tools that support multiple stages of development.

Achieve First-Pass Design Success

Richardson RFPD is pleased to present this library of design tools from MACOM, the leader in RF GaN. Intended to help you achieve first-pass design success, these tools include software, simulations, and hardware-based tools in order to support multiple stages of development.
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May 2, 2023
This white paper reviews component selection, design in a simulated environment, and implementation of the simulated circuit into hardware.
November 7, 2022
Richardson RFPD engineers and others have teamed with Analog Devices to introduce a new, highly integrated transceiver and have built SoMs and RF front ends to interface with it.

Additional Resources

RadioCarbon Technology

About RadioCarbon

Richardson RFPD engineers and industry leaders to introduce a new, highly integrated transceiver and have built SoMs and RF front ends to interface with it.

RadioCarbon as an SDR Development Kit

The RadioCarbon, or Radio Carbon SDR development platform is a complete radio system that combines the BytePipeTM SDR System on Module (SoM) with single channel.

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