RadioCarbon - RF Front End / Development Kit

Radio System Design Accelerator Speeds Time to Market
RadioCarbon Technology

RadioCarbon Technology

Functional Hardware, Licensable Design Files + Customizable Design Platform

RadioCarbon is a standalone RF front end (RFFE) that becomes a development kit when paired with the BytePipe™ SDR system on module.

Powered by Wolfspeed and Analog Devices innovation. Created to help you dramatically accelerate your design efforts, including proof-of-concept, prototyping and evaluations.

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Multiple Use Cases:  Choose Your Path

RadioCarbon’s combination of an SDR SoM and high-power RF front-end allows you to significantly reduce radio system development time. The fully-functioning unit means you can instantly demonstrate concepts and kick-starts development of algorithms, waveforms and software — and ultimately empowers you to customize it to your final requirements.

Functional Hardware

Prove Concepts and Develop Waveforms

Licensable Design Files

Reuse or Modify an Existing Design and BoM

Design Platform

Work with a Third Party to Create a Customized Module

Short on Time or Design Resources?

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A Flexible Development Platform

RadioCarbon can accommodate multiple use cases.  The standalone RF Front End is ideal for those integrating a separate radio with Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD).  The SDR development kit is ideal if you prefer a complete SDR with high power transmitter and Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD).

RadioCarbon RF Front Ends

The game-changing RF front ends are the real heroes of the RadioCarbon kit, with PAs based on Wolfspeed’s innovative GaN on SiC technology.

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RadioCarbon as an SDR Development Kit

The RadioCarbon, or Radio Carbon SDR development platform is a complete radio system that combines the BytePipeTM SDR System on Module (SoM) with single channel.

Accelerate Project Development with RadioCarbon

RadioCarbon is a versatile tool, whether you are a hardware engineer, software engineer, algorithm designer, or engineering manager. Navigate the tool below and see how RadioCarbon can speed your radio project development.

Additional Resources

May 2, 2023
This white paper reviews component selection, design in a simulated environment, and implementation of the simulated circuit into hardware.
November 7, 2022
Richardson RFPD engineers and others have teamed with Analog Devices to introduce a new, highly integrated transceiver and have built SoMs and RF front ends to interface with it.
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RF & Microwave Support

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Richardson RFPD has a team of over 50 technical resources available to provide design assistance on a variety of topics.  Although there are too many to name, we have highlighted specific topics that provide a representation of our support.