Analog Devices - EVAL-ADUM4221

Evaluating the ADuM4221-1 Isolated, Half Bridge Gate Driver with Adjustable Dead Time, 4 A Output
Analog Devices EVAL-ADUM4221 2-Channel Gate Drive Evaluation Board

Analog Devices EVAL-ADUM4221 2-Channel Gate Drive Evaluation Board

Mfg Part No: EVAL-ADUM4221-1EBZ

The EVAL-ADUM4221-1EBZ supports the ADUM4221-1 half bridge gate driver that employs Analog Devices, Inc., iCoupler® technology to provide independent and isolated high-side and low-side output. The EVAL-ADUM4221-1EBZ is populated with the ADUM4221-1, which has a single PWM input and dead time control. The EVAL-ADUM4221-1EBZ supplies jumpers and screw terminals to configure different drive conditions. The EVAL-ADUM4221-1EBZ operates with square waves and dc values on the PWM and DISABLE pins.


  • Adjustable dead time
  • Output voltage range to 35 V
  • Screw terminals for easy connectivity
  • Pad placement for external series gate resistors
  • Pad placement for capacitive load testing
  • Supports TO-220 or TO-252 IGBTs or MOSFETs
  • Bootstrap option
  • Jumper placement for easy half bridge setup
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