Designing for Scalability in High-Power Applications

Designing for Scalability in High-Power Applications

September 6, 2021

Silicon Carbide, Silicon Carbide Power Modules

Silicon carbide (SiC) offers many improvements over traditional silicon (Si) components, spanning a wide range of power levels and applications.

With higher operating temperatures, faster switching speeds, increased power density, and higher-voltage/-current capabilities, it can easily be used to replace pre-existing Si-based components and systems, especially when offered in industry-standard footprints such as the WolfPACK product line of power modules. Whether performing a system upgrade or designing a new configuration, SiC provides maximum efficiency and reliability with the lowest losses.

The Wolfspeed SiC product portfolio consists of devices that support all power ranges. Discrete components ranging from 650 V to 1,700 V provide flexibility and low-cost, multi-source solutions, while the WolfPACK family of press-fit, baseplate-less designs offers industry-standard, mid-range power options. And between these WolfPACK modules and the higher-power module solutions, the designer can scale power appropriate to their application and optimize power density, design simplicity, system costs, and reliability.

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