Top-Side Cooling RF Power Modules for 5G Infrastructure
Shrink 5G Radios with NXP’s New Top-Side Cooling Modules for RF Power

Shrink 5G Radios with NXP’s New Top-Side Cooling Modules for RF Power

NXP has introduced a family of 5G massive MIMO modules utilizing its innovative new top-side cooling package technology. The first products are designed for 32T32R 200 W radios, covering 3.3 GHz to 3.8 GHz frequency bands and leveraging the latest proprietary GaN technology manufactured in NXP’s new fab in Chandler, AZ. Smaller, thinner, and lighter systems will enable significant cost savings, plus more environmentally friendly base stations, while achieving the full performance benefits of 5G.


NXP Thin mMIMO  Summary


  • New top-side cooling package technology for RF Power enables smaller, thinner and lighter radio units
  • Support faster and easier deployment of 5G base stations
  • Simplifies design and manufacturing without compromising performance
  • Features

  • 2--stage fully integrated Doherty PA module
  • Provides a 30% radio thickness and weight reduction
  • Separation of thermal management from the RF path
  • Fewer, shorter connectors, no coin in PCB
  • Removal of the dedicated RF shield
  • Simplified thermal path and better thermal performance
  • Allows use of cost-effective and streamlined printed circuit boards
  • Applications

  • Communications infrastructure
  • Outdoor small cells
  • Open RAN and proprietary networks
  • Driver for high power 5G macro remote radio heads
  • 5G mMIMO active antenna systems
  • NPX Thin mMIMO Portfolio Details

    Part Number
    Package (mm)
    Frequency Band
    Evaluation Board
    30-lead 10×14 mm HLGA module
    3300 – 3670 GHz
    3400 – 3600 GHz
    3400 – 3800 GHz

    Top-Side Cooling  Evaluation Board


  • Reduces radio thickness and weight
  • Enables fewer and shorter connectors
  • Removes the need for top-side RF shielding
  • Cleaner separation of thermal and RF paths
  • Lower thermal resistance
  • NXP RF top-side cooling technology enables thinner and lighter 5G massive MIMO radios, removing the need of the dedicated RF shield and separating thermal management from RF design. The first family of NXP top-side cooled devices are designed for 64T64R (320 W) or 32T32R (200 W) mMIMO radios covering 3.3 GHz to 3.8 GHz. These modules combine NXP’s internal LDMOS and GaN semiconductor technologies to enable high gain and efficiency with wideband performance, delivering 31 dB gain and 46 percent efficiency over 400 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth.

    These NXP GaN multi-chip evaluation boards are designed for the thin MIMO module series whose top-side cooling technology helps reduce the thickness and weight of the overall radio by more than 30 percent, while simplifying the design and manufacturing process.

    Top-Side Cooling Evaluation Board Part Number
    Frequency (MHz)
    Average Power (dBm)
    Gain (dB)
    Efficiency (%)
    3300-3670 MHz
    3400-3600 MHz
    3400-3800 MHz

    NXP 5G Resources


    NXP offers the widest available RF Power Amplifier product portfolio for wireless infrastructure that spans multiple levels of integration.

    May 23, 2022
    With this launch, NXP’s discrete massive MIMO portfolio now covers all cellular frequency bands from 2.3 to 4.0 GHz, leveraging NXP’s latest proprietary GaN technology.
    August 4, 2021
    This 8 W symmetrical Doherty RF power GaN transistor is designed for cellular base station applications requiring very wide instantaneous bandwidth capability.

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