Outlook 2024: A Catalyst for Omnidirectional Power

Outlook 2024: A Catalyst for Omnidirectional Power

January 16, 2024

Renewable Energy

The European Union has set a long-term goal to go climate neutral by 2050. With this target in mind, what new technologies and solutions will drive Europe to the finish line? The electrification of everything with electric vehicles (EVs) leading the charge will play a critical role in reducing carbon emissions towards decarbonisation. The growth of the EV market in Europe continues to trend upwards accounting for almost 18 percent or about 1.7M of newly registered passenger cars in 2021.

Common barriers from even greater adoption of EVs are access to charging stations and the time it takes to charge the battery. As more EV charging stations sprout up and the grid infrastructure is built out, silicon carbide (SiC) technology can be part of the solution.

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Energy Storage and Power Conversion

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The RACM1200-V series is setting a new benchmark for compactness in the class of AC power supplies for reliable fan-less operation supporting long term system availability.


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