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Richardson RFPD’s converter module offering includes Flex Power’s scalable DC/DC power converters primarily serving the data processing, communications, industrial and transportation markets; RECOM Power’s offering of more than 30,000 AC/DC power supplies and DC/DC compact converters; as well as Wall Industries’ AC/DC and DC/DC standard, modified-standard and customized power solutions for the military, medical, industrial and energy markets.

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Providing high operating efficiency along with excellent reliability, compact size, and easy maintainability; LiquaBladeTM power supplies are the ideal choice for high power DC systems in industrial and military applications. The converter features automatic load sharing and international power input.

  • High Density 40W/in3
  • 3-Phase AC Input
  • Active Power Factor Correction
  • DC Output: Voltage: 0-60V. Current: 0A – 105A. Power: 0W – 6000W
  • High Efficiency: >94% power conversion efficiency
  • Liquid Cooled Water, DI Water, WEG compatible

DC/DC converters are often required to provide an isolated asymmetric supply for high-side gate drivers. The simplest (functional) isolation can withstand 1kVDC for one second. This sounds impressive; however this is often not sufficient.

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