RF amplifiers are fundamental electronic components that convert low-power radio frequency signals to a higher power signal. Richardson RFPD supports a broad offering of RF Amplifiers from the leading manufacturers. Product formats include integrated circuits, connectorized modules, and systems with integrated AC/DC power supply and display. Component topologies include low noise amplifiers, linear power amplifiers, variable gain amplifiers and gain blocks among others.

NXP Technology & Richardson RFPD

Achieve smaller, thinner and lighter systems that enable significant cost savings and result in more environmentally friendly base stations, while achieving the full performance benefits of 5G.

NXP’s Thin mMIMO creates a new level of 5G massive MIMO architecture that literally turns the RF power amplifier on its head. These top-side cooled PA modules reduce the size and weight of mMIMO deployments without sacrificing performance.

Wolfspeed has recently introduced two new additions to its lineup of GaN RF power devices that are ideal for ultra-broadband amplifier applications that require high reliability and efficiency. The intrinsic properties of high-power density, low parasitic, and high FT, allow for multi-octave to instantaneous bandwidth amplifiers. This portfolio also includes bare discrete die and bare MMIC die designed for hybrid amplifiers and multi-function transmit/receive modules.

Wolfspeed delivers a high-performance X-band portfolio with a variety of power levels to optimize system performance, as well as backend support tools to assist in system design and integration.

Wolfspeed’s GaN on SiC solutions are well suited for pulsed and CW X-Band applications. With a variety of power levels, high gain/stage, and high power-added efficiency (PAE), Wolfspeed’s solutions support continuous improvements in SWaP-C benchmarks.


Microchip power amplifiers, LNAs, prescalers and control products offer superior performance with high gain, high linearity, good efficiency, and low noise. Many Microchip wideband RF products offer a positive gain slope, which acts as a linearity corrector to help overcome system signal losses. This helps enable longer ranges and offer more bandwidth.

United Monolithic Semiconductors

The CHA8612-QDB is a X-Band 7.9-11GHz new HPA designed by UMS to serve commercial and defense communications systems and radar applications. Fabricated on proprietary UMS 0.25 µM GaN on SiC Technology.

  • Frequency band: 7.9-11GHz
  • Output Power: >15W
  • PAE: 37% @ Pin 26dBm
  • Gain: 26dB

NXP has introduced a family of 5G massive MIMO modules utilizing its innovative new top-side cooling package technology. The first products are designed for 32T32R 200 W radios, covering 3.3 GHz to 3.8 GHz frequency bands and leveraging the latest proprietary GaN technology manufactured in NXP’s new fab in Chandler, AZ.

RF amplification is a critical part of any RF system. A variety of devices are available to enable different application and system requirements, from discrete transistors to full RF Front End boards.

Richardson RFPD inventories and supports a broad portfolio of RF transmit devices from the leading manufacturers.


This packaged 90 W GaN on SiC HPA operates from 12.75 to 13.25 GHz and is offered in a bolt-down, flange package for exceptional thermal management.

  • Ideal for satellite communications
  • >21% typical power added efficiency
  • 25 dB small signal gain
  • 20 W total output power @ -30 dBc IM3

This integrated multi-chip module includes three stages of amplification and support circuitry to work at 3.3 V or 5 V with low power consumption.

  • Frequency: 2300–2700 MHz
  • P1dB: 25 dBm @ 2500 MHz, VCC2=3.3 Vdc
  • P1dB: 29 dBm @ 2500 MHz, VCC2=5 Vdc
  • Compact 4 mm x 3 mm LGA package

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