RF Amplifiers

RF amplifiers are fundamental electronic components that convert low-power radio frequency signals to a higher power signal. Richardson RFPD supports a broad offering of RF Amplifiers from the leading manufacturers. Product formats include integrated circuits, connectorized modules, and systems with integrated AC/DC power supply and display. Component topologies include low noise amplifiers, linear power amplifiers, variable gain amplifiers and gain blocks among others.


This packaged 90 W GaN on SiC HPA operates from 12.75 to 13.25 GHz and is offered in a bolt-down, flange package for exceptional thermal management.

  • Ideal for satellite communications
  • >21% typical power added efficiency
  • 25 dB small signal gain
  • 20 W total output power @ -30 dBc IM3


This integrated multi-chip module includes three stages of amplification and support circuitry to work at 3.3 V or 5 V with low power consumption.

  • Frequency: 2300–2700 MHz
  • P1dB: 25 dBm @ 2500 MHz, VCC2=3.3 Vdc
  • P1dB: 29 dBm @ 2500 MHz, VCC2=5 Vdc
  • Compact 4 mm x 3 mm LGA package

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