RF Power Transistors

RF Power Transistors are discrete, single gain stage semiconductors that can be optimized to develop customized RF Amplifier circuits. Richardson RFPD supports the largest offering of RF power transistor technologies, including silicon biploar junction, silicon RF MOSFETs, silicon RF LDMOS, and GaN HEMT transistors. Most devices are unmatched or partially matched to 50-ohms, but several impedance matched FETs (IMFETs) are available from Richardson RFPD.

We stock and support the following RF Power Transistors

The new MMRF5018HSR5 wideband RF 125 W CW power transistor is for optimized wideband operation up to 2700 MHz and includes input matching for extended bandwidth performance. With its high gain and high ruggedness, this device is ideally suited for CW, pulse and wideband RF applications.

The A3G26D055N-100 circuit optimizes the device from 100-2500MHz band, with 12W CW and 11dB gain by utilizing half of the device. The circuit is available for order and the circuit information is available from NXP via license.

The A3G26D055N-100 is an orderable reference design for A3G26D055NT4.

MACOM Technology Solutions

This 300 W, 50 V RF power FET is designed for broadband commercial and military applications at frequencies to 175 MHz.

  • Gain: 14 dB (16 dB typ)
  • Efficiency: 50%
  • Low thermal resistance: 0.35°C/W
  • Ruggedness-tested


This 180 W, DC-2.0 GHz, 50 V, GaN HEMT in a 2-lead pill package offers a general purpose, broadband solution to a variety of RF and microwave applications.

  • 24 dB small signal gain @ 900 MHz
  • 20 dB power gain @ 900 MHz
  • 250 W typical output power @ 900 MHz
  • 75% efficiency at PSAT

TT Electronics - Semelab

This 5 W, 12.5 V, 1 GHz RoHS-compliant metal gate RF silicon MOSFET features a simplified amplifier design for broadband VHF/UHF communications.

  • Very low Crss
  • Simple bias circuits
  • Low noise
  • High gain: 10 dB minimum


This 50 V, 300 W, 150 MHz n-channel RF power transistor is designed for broadband commercial and military applications requiring high power and gain.

  • Improved ruggedness V(BR)DSS = 170 V
  • 22 dB typical gain @ 30 MHz
  • Excellent stability, low IMD
  • Common source configuration

This 1.8–600 MHz, 1250 W CW, 50 V, high ruggedness LDMOS transistor is designed for high-VSWR industrial, broadcast, aerospace and radio/land mobile.

  • Unmatched input and output
  • For single-ended or push-pull
  • Characterized from 30 V to 50 V
  • Suitable for linear application

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