Microchip’s mSiC Technology at the Forefront for High-Power Applications

Microchip’s mSiC Technology at the Forefront for High-Power Applications

January 2, 2024

Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide (SiC) and its inherent benefits over traditional silicon as a material have been imminent to manufacturers and users of semiconductor power switches and gate drivers. This has been even more obvious in the face of the ever-increasing demand in power electronics for higher efficiency, decreased size, and weight among other requirements.

Wide bandgap semiconductors like silicon carbide (SiC) offer extremely low switching losses for heightened system efficiency, high power density leading to reduced size and weight, and superior thermal conductivity compared to silicon. These imply reduced heat sink requirements, allowing for a more compact and lightweight footprint. Moreover, the capability to operate at high temperatures enhances overall system reliability, making it a compelling option for applications requiring increased power density.

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